International Partner Conference on Repowering 2023

On 07/11/2023, DEsire team members took part in the International Partner Conference on Repowering 2023 held in Indonesia. Pawel Gladysz and Lukasz Bartela gave a speech on the status of the DEsire project. The presentation is available HERE. The conference was organized by the Research and Community Services Institute of the Bandung Institute of Technology and QuantifiedCarbon, a company with which the DEsire team works closely in researching and popularising the Coal-to-Nuclear decarbonization pathway.

During the presentation on the status of the Coal-to-Nuclear pathway in Poland, including mainly the activities of the DEsire project, Łukasz and Paweł discussed the results of Phase A of the project. The methodology and results of a two-phase power plant and power unit location ranking for two different decarbonization options were presented. The results of this ranking will be used as part of the forthcoming plan to decarbonize the country’s power sector through modernization with Generation III/III+ and Generation IV nuclear reactors and have already been used to select sites for the feasibility studies planned in the project.

The discussion following the presentation also touched on the undoubted success of involving the government side in the project itself, pointing out that this is one of the key elements in the further development and promotion of these technologies. Representatives of the DEsire project pointed out that the acceptance of this initiative by the Ministry of Climate and Environment and joining the DEsire project consortium was only possible thanks to the analytical work done in advance, which preceded the DEsire project itself, as well as the strong commitment and support from the Nuclear Energy Department of the Ministry itself. The discussion also highlighted the need to raise the topic of the role of Coal-to-Nuclear technology at the upcoming COP-28 in Dubai.

C2N_Poland_DEsire – presentation

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