DEsire consortium meeting

On December 19, 2023, a meeting of the entities forming the DEsire project consortium was held at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. Representatives of the Silesian University of Technology, Energoprojekt-Katowice SA, the Sobieski Institute, and the Institute of Chemistry and Nuclear Technology attended the meeting.

As part of the meeting, the results of the work carried out in Phase A of the project were presented, and the schedule of activities of the initiated Phase B was discussed in detail.

The program of speeches began with Prof. Lukasz Bartela pointing out the challenges of the following project activities. The guests presented the following topics:

Jakub Tuka (Energoprojekt-Katowice SA) – Work to date and future project plans,

Tomasz Smolinski (Institute of Chemistry and Nuclear Technology) – Organization and safety of the process of modernization and operation of power plants and power units with Generation III/III+ and IV nuclear reactors,

Henryk Łukowicz (Silesian University of Technology) – Coal-to-Nuclear as a transformation path for power generation in Poland,

Wojciech Kosman (Silesian University of Technology) – Turbine island matching for Generation IV nuclear reactors,

Paweł Gladysz (Silesian University of Technology) – Economic analysis of phases A and B of the project,

Anna Przybyszewska (Sobieski Institute) – Activities planned under Task 5 to be implemented by the Sobieski Institute.


Politechnika Śląska
ul. Akademicka 2A
44-100 Gliwice, Polska

Ministerstwo Klimatu i Środowiska
ul. Wawelska 52/54,
00-922 Warszawa, Polska

Energoprojekt-Katowice SA
ul. Jesionowa 15
40-159 Katowice, Polska

Instytut Chemii i Techniki Jądrowej
ul.Dorodna 16
03-195 Warszawa, Polska

Instytut Sobieskiego
Lipowa 1a/20
00-316 Warszawa, Polska


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